We’re farmers helping farmers.

To ensure quality and value, we test these products on our own farmland and crops.

EGE Products is a family-owned agricultural business in Minneola, KS. Using our innovative knowledge in chemistry, and agricultural background, we’ve developed products to enhance the effectiveness of a wide range of chemical applications for your crops.

From herbicides and desiccants, to defoliants, insecticides and more, we’ve seen superior results with our quality spray adjuvants and we are proud to share our products with you.

Concentrated Methylated Seed Oil (MSO)

High Surfactant Oil Concentrate (HSOC)

Organosilicone with Modified Seed Oil

Next Generation Polymer Residual Encapsulation Technology

Next Generation Polymer Drift Control

Drift Control & Deposition Aid

Complete Water Conditioners, Drift Control, & 90-10 Surfactant

Nonionic Surfactant

Non-AMS Chelating Water Conditioner

Non-AMS Water Condtioner, Encaspulater & Drift Control

Non-AMS Water Conditioner & Drift Control

Non-AMS Water Conditioner, Humectant, Surfactant, DRA & VRA

Influence Spray Aid with Low Odor Technology

Nitrogen Extender

Nitrogen Stabilizer

Nitrogen Stabilizer & Extender


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