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Based in Kansas, we provide Biodiesel, Restaurant Services - Used Cooking Oil Collection, Grease Trap Pumping, Hood Duct Cleaning, and Adjuvant, Surfactant, and Drift Control spray products.
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Used Cooking Oil Collection at Nascar Sprint Cup Series

Used Cooking Oil Collection at Nascar Sprint Cup Series

We are heading to the Kansas Speedway this Saturday, May 10th to collect the used cooking oil from the big event

Nascar’s Sprint Cup Series features the 5 Hour Energy 400 and attracts tens of thousands of fans that will race to the speedway to take in the festivities. This mass of Nascar followers will, of course, be visiting the hundreds of food and beverage vendors to quench their thirst and feed their appetite while keeping their eye on the track. What role does EGE take? EGE collects the used cooking oil that is the product of all of those delicious tasting raceway foods, cleans it and turns it into Biodiesel. EGE, who is proud and grateful for their fast growing roster of restaurant clients, is thrilled to service the Nascar Sprint Cup event as one of their largest single day events to date. Company president, Matthew Jaeger says, “We service many accounts on a weekly basis and we’re constantly growing our restaurant service base. We’ve recently been growing in the Kansas City metro area and in addition to providing great service to restaurants, we’re excited to serve the Kansas Speedway at this Nascar event.” We’re sure the EGE Restaurant Services team won’t mind taking in a little bit of the track either, after all, to many of us the sound of those race cars flying around the track is music to our ears.

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