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Based in Kansas, we provide Biodiesel, Restaurant Services - Used Cooking Oil Collection, Grease Trap Pumping, Hood Duct Cleaning, and Adjuvant, Surfactant, and Drift Control spray products.
Biodiesel, used cooking oil collection, grease trap pumping, hood duct cleaning, grease collection, absorb 100, extend, padlock, Adjuvant, Surfactant, drift control, Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas
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Killing Kochia is the biggest problem on our farm right now.  Most all of the chemicals on the market right now for controlling Kochia are calling for an MSO product. We have tried several different kinds of MSO products, and we have found that Absorb 100 works the best at helping to control the problematic weeds on our farm.


–Rick Horton

I was using split applications of roundup on ground that had just come out of CRP.  I would apply 20oz of RT3 in one application, and then in a few days I would come back with another 20oz rate of RT3.  I was not getting very good control of a few different types of grasses.  I decided to try Absorb 100 in the tank mix on part of a field.  One part of the field I sprayed with the normal 20oz rate of RT3, then on the other part I sprayed 16oz of RT3 and 8oz of Absorb 100.  On the part that had just roundup I only got a partial kill, but where I used the Absorb 100 I got a complete kill of everything.


–Justin Shelor

Sales & Distribution