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Concentrated methylated seed oil (MSO)

Absorb 100 is the highest Concentrated MSO available on the market and it contains industry leading surfactant technology.

Absorb 100 improves the effectiveness of commonly used herbicides and pesticides to give you more complete control of invasive weeds and insects. Our concentrated methylated seed oil (MSO), which is the highest concentrated MSO available on the market, can be used as a vital adjuvant with a wide range of postemergent herbicides, desiccants, defoliants and pesticides.


Improves absorption

Our MSO product heats up your herbicide or pesticide to make it more potent. The process has a solvency effect on plants, opening them up to absorb the chemicals more effectively. In addition, it slows down the evaporation of water, making the treatment more available for the plants to absorb.


Emulsifies and controls drift

Our proprietary blend of surfactants makes the product particularly effective in forming stable oil-and-water emulsions to keep your water-based pesticides and herbicides effectively mixed for even application. The blend contains a variety of plant oil-based and water-soluble active ingredients for a spray pattern that significantly improves spray drift control in surface and aerial applications.


Tough on tough weeds

Our MSO product is highly effective in improving the “kill rate” when spraying for resistant weeds including thistle, kochia, and marestail when combined with the right herbicides. When used with Roundup, our customers have reported significant improvements in effectiveness in treating problematic weeds.



Absorb 100 and your choice of pesticide and/or herbicide are premixed, then applied to the treatment area. The recommended application rate is 1 gallon per 100 gallons. Always follow the pesticide or herbicide labels recommended rates.






What does Absorb 100 MSO do for your Herbicide and Pesticide Applications?

• “Heats up” your herbicide making it more potent

• Has a solvency effect on plants opening them up to ABSORB the pesticides and herbicides more effectively.

• Slows down evaporation of water making the treatment more available for plants to ABSORB

• Emulsifies with chemicals making the tank mix consistent

• Slows wind drift of the pesticides and herbicides during application

• Improves ‘sticking’ of pesticides and herbicides to the plant cell walls

Will Absorb100 MSO treat Kochia, Thistle, Marestail, and other hard to kill weeds?

Absorb100 has shown itself to be highly effective in improving the “kill rate” when spraying for resistant weeds such as Thistle, Kochia and Marestail, when combined with the right base herbicides. Visit the ‘testimonials’ page to read about the success of Absorb100 users.

Is Absorb100 MSO compatible with Roundup?

Absorb100 has shown excellent compatibility with Roundup.  Customers using Roundup have reported significant improvements in effectiveness in treating problematic weeds like Kochia.

How much Absorb100 MSO should I add to my Pesticide/Herbicide mixture?

The Recommended rate is 1 to 2 pints per acre depending on application.  Always follow the pesticide or herbicide labels recommended rates. For additional information you are welcome to contact the Absorb100 team or your specific dealer, we are here to answer any of your questions.

Can Absorb100 MSO be applied by Aerial Spraying?

Absorb100 is currently being used with great success in aerial spraying operations. If you would like more information on the success of this application method, please visit the ‘testimonials’ page or contact us.

Is it difficult to mix Absorb100 MSO with Pesticide/Herbicide?

Absorb100 has shown great results when mixed with a vast array of herbicides, desiccants, defoliants and other pesticides.  Our proprietary surfactants promote an even tank mix.  Please follow label directions when loading for spray applications.


Killing Kochia is the biggest problem on our farm right now.  Most all of the chemicals on the market right now for controlling Kochia are calling for an MSO product. We have tried several different kinds of MSO products, and we have found that Absorb 100 works the best at helping to control the problematic weeds on our farm.


–Rick Horton

I was using split applications of roundup on ground that had just come out of CRP.  I would apply 20oz of RT3 in one application, and then in a few days I would come back with another 20oz rate of RT3.  I was not getting very good control of a few different types of grasses.  I decided to try Absorb 100 in the tank mix on part of a field.  One part of the field I sprayed with the normal 20oz rate of RT3, then on the other part I sprayed 16oz of RT3 and 8oz of Absorb 100.  On the part that had just roundup I only got a partial kill, but where I used the Absorb 100 I got a complete kill of everything.


–Justin Shelor

Sales & Distribution