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Based in Kansas, we provide Biodiesel, Restaurant Services - Used Cooking Oil Collection, Grease Trap Pumping, Hood Duct Cleaning, and Adjuvant, Surfactant, and Drift Control spray products.
Biodiesel, used cooking oil collection, grease trap pumping, hood duct cleaning, grease collection, absorb 100, extend, padlock, Adjuvant, Surfactant, drift control, Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas
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NuDish Metabolic Dishwashing Liquid

NuDish Metabolic Dishwashing Liquid

EGE is pleased to present NuDish!

Unmatched ability to clean dishes, pots & pans free of grease with superb rinsability.
Only manual dishwashing liquid in the world that keeps drains free of grease just from washing dishes.
Sponges & scrub pads now last longer and are free of the sour, mildew smell.
Eliminates pests by eliminating the food sources that they feed and breed on in drain lines 24/7.
Non-irritating dishwashing liquid with special conditioners that keep users’ hands soft.
Safe for all dishware types.
User Friendly / Environmentally Progressive

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